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Kelly replies to yesterday’s email about writing (and sending to your list) daily:

I am LOVING your emails!

I have already learned so much from you — I’ve taken your advice, gotten over the whole ‘blog posts need to have a catchy title, tweetable link and pinball image’ and got back to basics.

I sat down, wrote about 250 words and sent it off to my email list (who hadn’t heard from me in MONTHS) and posted as a simple text update on Facebook.

The results?

Over 20x the engagement!


So thank you — you’re awesome.

20x engagement with just one little email…

… think about that compounding daily.

Now before you get all up in arms, I realize that sort of growth isn’t sustainable.

But the level of engagement and people looking forward to reading your emails –because they talk about your audience’s problems and life – is.

It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in or even if you’re good at writing – people want to hear about their situation.

Keep it simple, tell stories, stay in their head…

… and you can do no wrong.

Now the next piece of being in your audience’s world daily is making sure your email makes it to their inbox.

For that, you’ll need an email service provider that focuses on delivery and not on cartoon characters.

If you’re starting to take your list seriously, then do what I did and switch to a serious (but simple) email service provider pronto.

When you sign up for Aweber you’ll get a 30 day trial on the house – perfect for starting to mail your list daily.

Give it a go here:

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