Every. Single. Day.

A lovely email to see in my inbox from coaching student (and quick implementer) Melissa:

I just wanted to share that I made a PAYING deal with a client! Owen of [name redacted] has hired me to help edit a handful of videos.

There will be ten videos in total, and we agreed on five hundred dollars for a bulk of five videos.

This all came about because you have me writing 250 words a day. I promoted one of the articles on Medium.com on Facebook, and he realized I edit along with graphics and production!

Ain’t that something?

Only a few days of writing (and not even sending it to a list) and she has money in hand.

Truth is, it was the same for me when I started writing daily just under a year ago…

I was cash broke and praying for a break.

The only thing I felt I had any credibility in was helping others podcast, and so I started writing daily about what the life of a podcaster is like…

… the problems they experience, the ups, the downs, and the conversations they’re having.

Then, out of nowhere, someone found me doing a Google search.

And since I was writing daily and demonstrating my knowledge more than anyone else, I was the only candidate they considered.

While others email once a week about their super-duper webinar, you should be entering the conversation your audience is already having…

…. the pains they’re experiencing…

… the ups and the downs.

Every. Single. Day.

More tomorrow ;)

Jeremy Montoya

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