One level above crap

I live by a basic rule in my business – it’s this:

To grow an audience, go where they already are.


You could spend all day fishing and not catch a single flounder…

Or, you could wait for feeding time (and season), hang out with the cheapest bait, and be full all winter.

Now the thing about the analogy above is that it doesn’t translate perfectly to attracting the ideal listeners, subscribers, and customers to your business.

The flaw?…

“Cheap” bait.

Unfortunately, that’s what riddles the online world.

The good news is that it makes your job easy.

Be one level above crap and you’ve basically won the game.

To be one level above, surround yourself with people creating quality stuff every second possible.

Driving, for me, is one of those times where I choose between silence or listening to a podcast to take advantage of the time and to surround myself with people I want to be like.

That’s why I listen to “The Three Month Vacation” – one of the few shows I’m subscribed to.


Not because it’s one level above crap – but because it’s in a league of it’s own.

(you’ll quickly see why when you give it a listen)

Check it out today and listen on your next walk or drive:

Jeremy Montoya

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