Duck’em to death

Besides email capture pop-ups coming at you in every direction, there’s another thing I see even some of the biggest folks online doing that causes people to run the other way:

No follow through…

No “thanks for signing up” or even a word from them once you’ve subscribed.

So, if that’s you, here’s what you need to do:

1) Create a page on your website (this is the easy part)

2) Make your thank you page scream with your personality.

(this is the hard part)

Do you curse in real life?

Curse on your thank you page.

Do you have a love or passion for ducks?

Duck’em to death.

The point here is to be so “you” that your new subscriber immediately accepts or rejects you.

Rejection a hard pill to swallow?

What’s tougher is dealing with spam complaints and a bitchy list.

3) Set up a daily auto-responder or write your to your list everyday.

This, single handedly, is the differentiating factor between the lazy and the do’ers…

Especially if you’re just starting out or if your market is crowded.

Think about it: everyone these day’s is an expert.

So what makes you different?

When you’re a leader in your field people will follow your ideals and look to you for the latest info.

Lots of people skimp on this step and go to a free email service provider that lacks functionality (or charges you for basic features).

I recommend you avoid them and go with Aweber.

They’re the veterans in the game and the only peeps I trust with my list.

If you haven’t started growing your list (or if you’re tired of the other guys), then check them out here:

Jeremy Montoya

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