Shame on pop-ups

Now, if you’ve been on this list or have known me for any amount of time then you know that I advocate for building your list…

Not just “collecting emails”…

Instead, growing a list of people who are the perfect fit for your help and then repelling the rest.

But where do we draw the line with email list-building? or, is there a line?

Part of the problem is that most companies behind these plugins make you feel like just by installing their “email bar” you’ll start raking in the email addresses.

It’s just not true.

That’s no different than saying that just by changing your hair people will be more attracted to you.

Will you get comments or compliments? Probably.

Will you feel special? Yes.

But hair doesn’t change anything internally – you’re still the same person.

I’ve uninstalled most of these tools from my site that don’t align with my strategy – and most people come off as desperate by having interruption after interruption on your site.

We get it – you have a list.

However, when you make people feel warm when they get to your site with valuable content and products… You’re on to something.

No tool makes people feel more warm than the SumoMe Welcome Mat.

It’s the first thing people see when they get to your site (so it’s not much of an interruption), and can be setup to go away once they sign up or dismiss it.

Welcome Mat puts pop-ups to shame.

Download it and install it (free) here:

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