wtf that does that even mean?

True story:

My first (second, and third) podcast was a complete flop.

Back in the day, I looked at success as simply launching something and getting it in iTunes…

Spending little time on things that grow a business.

My problem:

First, was selling – and lack of knowing how to do it.

Second, was being afraid to eliminate certain people from my market.

I was trying to cater to everyone…

And that’s no way to run a business.

I like to live by this:

“By being everything to everyone, you become nothing to no one.”

But that wasn’t the first time it happened – as that was the downfall of my first business: a clothing company called Royal Tendency.

(wtf that does that even mean?)

At the time, another group of guys from my town started a clothing company called “State Forty Eight” – catered only to native Arizonans.

Smart right?

Nowadays you’ll see their shirts being worn by Arizona Cardinals players and coaches, and tons of their fans.

Take a page from their book:

Eliminate people you’re not a fit for (without feeling bad) and only cater to one kind of person.

Check out what they’re doing (and model their mindset) here:

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