Good customers vs. Bad customers

Over last few weeks, we’ve talked a lot about attracting the right people to your business.

Today, we shift gears.

You see, when you’re able to confidently talk to your people and attract them as customers, something else also happens…

And to be honest, this scares a lot of people.

Most entrepreneurs these days aim to be people pleasers… And while I’m not saying you should go “Steve Jobs” on everyone you know…

… you should take a stance.

When you take a stance for something you believe in or an ideal you follow you’ll actually repel those who don’t align with you.

Sound scary?

What’s worse is having to deal with those people once they are customers and having headaches with refunds, complaints, and them bashing you online.

That’s right, there are good customers, and there are bad customers.

Knowing who you want as customers is important, but almost more important is knowing who you don’t want.

Unfortunately, they other gurus and experts are scared to tell you this.

They’re scared to tell you to be yourself.

To stand out.

To be unique.


Because they’re just following what their guru told them (who’s guru told them, who’s guru told them)…

Which is why only a handful of people stand out online – and are have businesses they love running.

If you want to be just like them – be my guest.

But, if you want a business that screams your name and has customers you’ve fallen in love with, then do this:

Stop taking crap advice.

That alone will save you countless years of aches and pain.

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