The negative effects of “hustling”

While getting rest before last nights house warming party I heard tires screeching.



I ran outside in my good socks and found myself first at the scene of a head-on collision.

(Airbags deployed — the whole 9)

One of the cars was in a rush, tried passing someone, and wound up hitting a car going the opposite way…

… in a neighborhood.

Everyone seemed to be ok including the discombobulated man I helped out of his vehicle.

It took two cars colliding for me to get a reminder that it’s the little things in life that count.

You know, it feels like everyone in the entrepreneur space is hot about the word “hustle” these days, and while the mindset matters, there’s nothing to be rewarded for hustling towards the wrong things…

Sometimes you don’t have enough time to react to the tires screeching to dodge disaster when you “hustle” in the wrong direction — like losing a key client, running out of money, or wasting time on things that don’t bring you results.

And, the little things (like understanding your market and knowing what to offer them) seem to be the most overlooked, while doing things that don’t matter as much (like shiny social media distractions and reading soul-less content online) make you feel special.

Target Market 1.0 is about the little things.

I won’t show you “how to grow your business using Twitter” – or any social media platform, for that matter.

But, you’ll walk away with clarity and action steps that make your efforts (and results) on those platforms cause others to look at you and wonder what you figured out.

It isn’t necessary cheap — 79 smackaroos — and it’s not for you if you’re desperate for a home run in your biz.

So now that only the investment-minded folks are still around and the shiny object peeps have unsubscribed…

Go here and sign up for Target Market 1.0 before the deadline this Tuesday:

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