Launching your “personal brand” (lol)

There are three primary ways to know exactly who to sell your products and services to.

For the sake of time, let’s focus on just one of them:

Your list.

Even if it’s small, going to your list is one of the easiest ways to understand exactly what products and services you should be making and selling.

The wrong way to go about this is to make a product and then tell your list about it.

Instead, here’s what you want to do:

  1. Create a hypothesis for what they want
  2. Create an email for each with a call to action for a response (or judge by link clicks)
  3. Send each a personal email asking them to get on the phone or to answer a few simple questions

If done right you’ll be off to the races.

In Target Market 1.0, you’ll learn two other powerful ways to lock down an audience that actually buys from you.

(even if you haven’t started building an email list yet)

Target Market 1.0 isn’t like the courses you’ve purchased in the past (because it isn’t about starting a podcast, using webinars, or launching your “personal brand” lol) and you’ll actually want to do the work since it practically leads you directly to dollars.

(image that)

But – if making money isn’t your thing, and you’re cool with continuing spending countless hours producing content that doesn’t get you anywhere – then you need not invest.

That being said (and since we eliminated the non-action oriented), sign up here:

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