Put your wooden peg down and set sail

A response to one of last week’s email from a friend:

I’m still learning how to market to my audience and figuring out exactly who my audience IS.

Have to survey them to know more…

the common factor is aquaponics, but don’t know much else–beginner? already a gardener? female, male? age? parents? why they’re attracted to me or to aquaponics?

There could be so many reasons—self-reliance, health, gardening, sustainability, water conservation, automation, aquaculture, fresh food, organics, anti-Monsanto, etc…

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration :)


Maribou, it sounds like you’ve done some parts of a deep-dive with your audience.

But – you’re right – there’s a lot to choose from.

In fact, the possibilities are endless, which is why I recommend against “avatar”-style exercises that tell you to define everything up to their last meal.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to this:

Who do you want to market to?

I know, I know, that’s easier asked than done because it forces you to throw elements overboard that seem critical (but end up getting in the way).

It’s not easy being the Captain of the ship – but at some point you have to put your wooden peg down and set sail in one direction…

Which leads me (shamelessly) to Target Market 1.0 – which happens this Tuesday, January 26th.

A key component of the Deep Dive (one of the exercises you’ll learn when you invest $79 in your business and future success) is how to be the Captain.

This shows you exactly what to keep (or throw overboard) as you dive into the deep ocean that is your audience’s mind…

But seating is limited and enrollment closes in 3 days.

Hop aboard here before the ship leaves:


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