There’s no going back

Ok, things started changing at my job a few years back (and politics started coming into play) so I decided to be the bigger person and left on good terms. I said adios to a company that had treated me well for a startup (offering me less pay) where I could flex my biz skills.

I quickly found myself working on my own projects at the startup and learning how to do things like blogging, email marketing, and growing my own business.

I was working in the shadows..

… feeling guilty that someone would see me in my little corner with my head down – and I’d be found out.

There’s nothing comfortable about working in the shadows and hiding what’s exciting you most.

I learned a lot, but nothing seemed to stick for me in my own business.

So began the endless cycle of feeling guilty for working on my own projects, learning, trying, and not seeing any success.

(and seeing my bank account and savings dwindle)

At that time it would’ve been easy to give up – but that’s not the way of the entrepreneur…

No – it’s about putting your head down until you find something or someone that takes you to the next level.

It’s about investing your time in places that will catapult your business and income.

Then, I was “woken up”.

I found my Morpheus in the form of Joe Polish and he calmly offered me the red pill or the blue pill.

I realized that tons of people around the world had also taken the red pill and were selling helpful products online and serving their core market.

That’s when the tides changed.

I ended the clothing business practically that day to start focusing on my own digital business and I haven’t looked back.

The keys to a system that works for finding your market was downloaded into my brain Matrix-style, and over time I’ve molded my own system that works for markets of all kinds and sizes.

That’s what you’ll get from Target Market 1.0.

If you have little or no money coming in, you’ll have the foundation to start pumping in leads and sales of customers who are dying to know you.

(and you’ll dodge bullets in the form of dud-clients in slow motion)

If you already have customers you’ll get the kind of clarity that let’s you focus in on higher-paying clients that can’t get enough of you and your business.

But the clocks ticking.

And, if $79 breaks the bank – then this just isn’t for you.

Just like me, and plenty of others before, you have a decision to make.

You can keep living in a world over-ruled by confusion and false truths…

… or you can get your red pill here:

Jeremy Montoya

PS – As a word of caution:

Once you learn the insides of Target Market 1.0 – there’s no going back…

There’s only seeing the business world from a new perspective and noticing the lack of awareness of all others still “sleeping”.

If you can live with that, then join the rebellion by clicking the link above.

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