This works unless you’re Kim K.

When’s the last time you visited a Starbucks?

I’m in one one as I write this and I notice they’re always packed to the gills.

What gives?

When you look at a basic view of their model, you’d think they’re in the coffee business – and you’d find the same by looking at their revenue.

But when you dive deeper you find something different.

Looking around at the big players in the online space selling courses and creating content and it’s the same story…

You notice people raking in the cash and think to yourself:

“It’s because they have a HUGE YouTube following.”


“Of course they’re big, they’re friends with all of the others making tons of money!”

Unless you’re one of the Kardashians – making content, having A-list friends, and sitting on your bum won’t get you far.

What sets Starbucks apart from the pack?

And, how come you can identify why your favorite guru is successful but can’t seem to get to that place yourself?

The answer lies in the market.

You see, Starbucks does make a lot of money off of coffee… But where they’re marketing is completely different.

They’re in the business of selling space.

Space for you to escape your home, shouting kids, and distractions that plague your everyday.

Starbucks knows this – and it’s why they’re on every street corner building bigger and bigger coffee shops.

So while they sell coffee – they’re marketing an escape.

And if you ask me – they’re coffee is subpar.

*takes a sip. puts cup back down*

The lesson here:

What you’re selling and what you’re marketing aren’t always the same thing.

In fact, they’re hardly ever the same – but it isn’t always as easy to point out.

Which is one of the many reasons to sign up for Target Market 1.0.

You’ll walk away knowing what you’re selling (and have a process in hand to return to every time you create a new product) and wow your customers (and competition) by understanding what you’re marketing and setting yourself apart from everyone else.

It basically works unless you’re Kim K.

So, you can learn by spending endless hours on Google and YouTube…

Or you can have it handed to you on an hour and half long (give or take) silver platter.

But it goes down in 6 days and spots are filling up as you read this.

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