Minus the columbian white stuff

Back in the day, Studio 54 was the most exclusive (and mysterious) night clubs in all of New York City.

What made it so exclusive?

To start, only the top celebrities were allowed in (and many were often declined), there was a red velvet rope at the front and multiple levels of security before you ever saw any partying going on, and once you got it – you were in for a wild and fun night full of alcohol, cocaine, and crazy people.

Steve Rubell (the mastermind behind this and other elusive discos) knew how to gain attention and loyalty…

… and your marketing should take a page out of his book.

It should cater to the best customers (who value and buy what you offer them) and should make them feel like a star for knowing you and about your products.

When you invest in Target Market 1.0 before midnight PST tonight (January 19th) – you get me as a Steve Rubell of sorts as a bonus with my Subscriber Review – minus the columbian white stuff.

I charge thousands for this type of consulting, but with this bonus, you choose areas of your business you’d like to make stronger.

For instance, let’s say you aren’t getting stellar open rates after someone opts-in… I’ll tear apart your funnel and show you what to do to turn it around and get the disco ball back in working order.

OR, maybe you’re getting dud clients and not getting paid what you’re worth… Send over scenarios, emails you’ve sent, and any client back and forth for me to dissect and point out what to do differently.

And that’s just one of the bonuses you get when you’re one of the first to sign up tonight before midnight PST.

Your business is worth having a red velvet rope around – and I can help you install it to much fanfare.

But, you only have until midnight when the ball drops and the Subscriber Review goes away.

(You can’t buy this on my site, it’s only offered to my private consulting clients, and what you can make from this advice is worth thousands – but I’m not going to stick a phony value on it like your local “expert” would during a product launch)

Ok, back to the party for me, see you inside:


Jeremy Montoya

PS – Here are the other two bonuses you’ll get:

How To Build An Email List Using Periscope Training Course ($79)

  • Over an 50 minutes jam packed with the tools, resources, and step-by-step process for how to take people from your Periscope Live Stream and convert them into eager customers
  • This isn’t available anywhere else online, and only a handful of people in a private (paid) group have been through this

30 Minute Private Group Q&A ($169)

  • Ask me anything following the Target Market Masterclass regarding your audience, target profile, how to monetize, improve products, and sell more services

But you have to act quick, go here before it’s gone and the price goes up:


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