The exception is social media

It’s happening again…

You’re talking with someone you know is a fit for your product, and they’re grilling you with questions you deserve to get paid for answering.

This doesn’t happen much in my business anymore – with the exception of social media.

For instance, I got back into town from San Francisco last night when my phone lit up with notifcations – one of them from social media.

It read:

“I just learned about this form of income tonight. I’ve already watched around 3–4 hours of video and I’m almost Ready to make money using email lists.

I should mention I’m 17 years old and I’ve never been more confident that I could get really good at this fast.

I just need someone that will help me, without trying to put me on their list themselvs. I need some actual free help.”


It wasn’t all that long ago that my inbox and text log was filled with conversations like these.

And, when I finally got clear on my purpose in business, who was perfect for my help, and what I was offering them did these requests go away.

(Now, on social media it’s a different story – it attracts a ton of “freebie” seekers in it’s nature)

However, when your list and site are set up with the proper mindset these people kinds of people are practically repelled compeltely.

Here’s what it comes down to:

Attracting the right people.

… and that starts with finding and clarifying your target audience.

That’s what you’ll get in the upcoming workshop – Masterclass: Target Market 1.0 – How To Find Your Market And Create Loyal Customers.

This action-packed masterclass designed to help you clearly define your target market and find ideas for what to offer them.

There are three focuses of the course:

Purpose, Market, & Offer

You’ll get clarity around all three with hands on exercises and examples you can use to inspire your own products and services.

If you’re a podcaster, blogger, video creator, or ready to kick your online business into gear – this was made for you.

Only 12 seats are available – 3 of which are reserved for my private one on one coaching students.

But, for the first 3 people who buy today (January 19, 2016) before midnight PST, you’ll get:

Subscriber Review ($249)

  • I’ll analyze your funnel, sequence, and entire subscription process and give you tips on what to do to guarantee high-quality leads from any traffic source like Social Media, Guest Posts, Organic Traffic, and JV’s

How To Build An Email List Using Periscope Training Course ($79)

  • Over an 50 minutes jam packed with the tools, resources, and step-by-step process for how to take people from your Periscope Live Stream and convert them into eager customers
  • This isn’t available anywhere else online, and only a handful of people in a private (paid) group have been through this

30 Minute Private Group Q&A ($169)

  • Ask me anything following the Target Market Masterclass regarding your audience, target profile, how to monetize, improve products, and sell more services

So, if you’ve been reading about the Masterclass and wondered if it was for you…

Now is the time to act – before almost $500 in bonuses vanish competely and the price goes up.

Get it while it’s hot:

Jeremy Montoya

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