Why people don’t buy

When you’re selling products online it seems like there are one of two results…

The first is that people rush to buy your product, and second is that it falls on it’s a$$.

While walking around a rainy San Francisco last night I heard this:

“Umbrellas – 7 dollars.”

At the time, everyone around me was soaking wet and it was starting to rain harder.

Which got me thinking…

Half of success in business (IMO) is simply selling your audience what they’re already buying.*

It doesn’t matter if you’re offering your services or selling products online or in person – if you’re selling something no one values they will never buy.

(and if they do, you can count on high return rates, buyers remorse, and for them to never come back you again)

When you get inside your market’s head and know them, the answers to the above are practically handed to you.

Unfortunately, most find-your-avatar-style exercises leave you even more uncertain of who you should target. Or, worse, leave you targeting the wrong people.

Luckily for you, help is the around the corner.

Look out for your link tomorrow to sign up for the Target Market Masterclass and cram 7+ years of experience from my head into yours.

Space is limited (12 seats, 3 of which are already taken by my coaching students), so be ready to act fast to lock your seat.

Jeremy Montoya

*Want to know what the other half of success in business is?

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