It shouldn’t take this long

As I write this, the NFL Playoffs are on in the background of my hotel room – which got me thinking…

1) this email shouldn’t take this long to write. And,

2) distractions are the downfall of the entrepreneur

Let me explain…

For a few years I tried building an online business around my personal brand but had zero luck.

I tried social media, reading every book I could get my hands on, and was buying courses left and right promising to grow my business “from scratch” with webinars.

None of it worked.

That was until I cut out all of the distractions, stopped listening to others about what I should do to grow my business, and started focusing on fundamentals.

That’s when I started making money, and that’s when I started bringing in ideal customers.

You can have the same – you just have to be clear about what you want and how to get it…

And you have to avoid distractions.

Turn off the game in the background, only listen to people qualified to give you advice, and avoid the shiny objects.

When you know your “why” and can clearly see it, you’re almost there.

We’ll cover this in-depth here soon, for now, check out one of the books that changed everything for me:

Jeremy Montoya

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