How to be successful on your worst day

When the Wright Brothers went to do the first human flight, they faced stiff competition.

There were other people on a similar mission, like Samuel P. Langly, who was backed by the government, had all of the accreditations, had access to endless amounts of cash, and was practically famous.

The Wright Brothers, on the other hand, were bootstrapped business owners without any college education.

One chased achievement, while the others were passionate about flight.

True story:

Every coaching call I do always starts with “what’s your number one goal?”. It takes a few calls to get into the groove for most students to nail down their number one goal and be able to repeat it.

Because the truth is this…

Being in business is hardly about the money.

It’s always much deeper.

And when you know your “why”, you get leverage that motivates you even on your worst day.

That’s the difference between the Wright Brothers and Samuel Langly.

The Wright Brothers had a passion. A belief. And they spread their inspiration far and wide in every conversation.

One is now known for putting the first man in the air…

And, well, have you ever heard of Samuel P. Langly before now?

The upcoming Target Market Masterclass starts off the same way and gets you clear on exactly what your purpose is and why you’re in business in the first place.

Because when you have a grasp on your “why”, clarity in all aspects is just around the corner.

Knowing your “why” is just the first step, but without it, it’s virtually impossible to get anywhere with your online business.

When I’m back from Periscope Summit I’ll get a sales page up and more details your way.

For now, check out Start With Why, which includes examples for how to find your “why” from the Wright Brothers, Apple, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Jeremy Montoya

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