Cars vs. Horses

Long before roads and stop lights existed, horses ruled transportation.

And if you asked the general public what they wanted for transportation in the early 1900’s, they would’ve asked for a faster horse.

If Henry Ford wasn’t a master businessman (and marketer), he probably would’ve given up.

The fact of the matter is that people just don’t know exactly what they want.

For instance, the biggest question that anyone wanting to make money online is asking these days:

“How do I build an email list?”

So, ask me how to grow an email list, and I’ll point you to an endless Google search of people claiming to teach you just that with:

  • social media
  • paid traffic
  • SEO “ninja” tactics (lol)


Ask me how to build a list of people who read your emails, value your opinion, and look forward to your product offers (not dodge them)…

Well – that’s a different (and more important) conversation.

For example – our 1900’s friends said they wanted a faster horse, probably so that they could get to their destination quicker…

… which is exactly what the car ended up solving.

So, you’re not wasting time by asking people what they want – you’ll find out what their problem is and get great copy for your ads and emails.

The easy part of marketing is making a product – the hard part is knowing and communicating who that solution is for.

When you’re clear on your market and have a solution for their problems, your job is just getting started…

And that’s the difference between a faster horse and an automobile.

We’ll get rid of the horses and find your “automobile” in the upcoming Target Market Masterclass.

More details soon.

For now, gallop on over to the archives here:

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