Psychological advantages of the “up-do”

Go to any walk-in barber shop or salon, and you can usually expect the same thing:

Reasonable prices.

Decent waiting times (or no waiting times).

And broad variety of hair cuts available.

A studio, on the other hand, can charge upwards of hundreds of dollars for specialty hair cuts – and operate on an appointment-only basis.

(and might even charge a cover just to book an appointment – IF they’re taking on new clients)

Think you’ll miss your appointment once you book?

Applying this lesson to your email list (minus the cover charge and “up-do”) builds-in a psychological advantage:

The power of the appointment.


… when you’re attracting the right audience to your email list – they’ll treat you just like a specialty styling studio:

They’ll open every email regardless of the headline, buy your products without reading further, and support you every step of the way.

Unfortunately, things like nailing down your target market and working on your offer isn’t fun.

And, most teaching how to do it get it all wrong.

Most exercises showing you how to “define your avatar” leave you even more confused of who your business is made for.

Whatever the case – knowing and having extreme clarity on your market is one of those things that makes everything else easier from the ground up.

The covers are coming off a Target Market Masterclass to be held at the end of this month in the coming days.

It’s designed for online business owners who want to attract ideal subscribers and customers with their content, product, or service.

By signing up first, you guarantee yourself one of 9 available seats (since my coaching students already fill 3 of them), and you get the lowest possible pricing.

For now, I’m off to hop on a plane to San Francisco for Periscope Summit.

I reckon I’ll be broadcasting along the way, so get your daily dose here:

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