Tickle your pickle with opens and clicks

Did your Mom ever tell you something like this as a kid?…

“Don’t worry about what other kids say!”

As a child, that’s not the easiest thing to take in.

But in business, there’s a huge similarity.

For instance:

A buddy of mine started building and emailing his list weekly a few months back.

We connected the other day and he asks:

“Should I worry about email open rates?”

It’s a valid concern, after all, you do want people reading your emails, ya?

My thoughts…?

Open rates and click-throughs are a scoreboard.

You can keep looking at it, but it only tells you the past…

And does a terrible job of predicting the future.

On the other hand, by looking at the game being played in front of you – and only worrying about what’s going on there – you put yourself in the driver’s seat to win.

After all, winning in business means sales.

Not video views.

Not podcast subscribers.

Not list-size.

So repeat after me:

“Opens and clicks will tickle my pickle, but sales will never hurt me.”

My upcoming report explains 3 psychological factors to winning in business with email, and all 3 factors will result in more opens (and definitely more sales).

It’s not ready yet, but you’ll get it free when it is.

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