The most profitable email you’ve never sent

Interesting fact:

One of my most opened (and profitable) emails of all time was the one I sent on Christmas day.

Most would tell you that December is a slow sales month.

And others in my space completely took the month off.

Now, you and I both know that open rates are nothing to write home about.

Because at the end of the day, sales trumps all.

(if you aren’t in business – or on this list – to make money, then why by in it at all?)

Here’s why I think it worked – and what you can apply from this in your own business:

1) Hard Deadline

I’ve ‘softly’ offered coaching for a few months, but until I put a hard deadline to sign up there was no urgency to make a decision.

In your business, how can you put a deadline in place to help others make a decision if your product or service is right for them?

2) Consistency

I emailed every day relentlessly.

Most would gasp at the thought of sending – or receiving an email daily.

I’ve found only the most loyal readers stick around (like you) and quickly become customers when you offer what they’re asking for.

Which leads to number 3…

3) Staying In The Customer’s Mind

If you wanted to sign up for my coaching you had to answer a few questions and hop on a quick call.

This eliminated the lazy people (which qualified those who took the steps) and got me in the minds of my audience to know exactly what your problems are.

Hell, I didn’t even have a landing page until a few days before the program closed.

But when I did put it together (and used the exact words from the calls with you) I got comments like “you read my mind!” after you read the page.

The fact is this:

The only way to grow your business and profit is to send emails.

More opportunities for how to build a responsive audience of your own coming soon.

For now, learn more in the archives here:

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