The force is strong in this email

This happened yesterday:

Jose (who’s often mentioned in my emails, advises me on my business, and keeps me in line when I’m about to go “too far”) sent his first email to the list he’s been building in the real estate niche.

Ah, they grow up so fast.

*bats eyes*

Now, a lot of people see my emails every day, podcast interview features, and testimonials and want to rush to get to get to that point.

But just like in nature, only 20% of the story can be seen by the naked eye.

Dive deeper and you’ll get the full picture – the 80%.

(more like 99% to 1%, but you get the idea)

Ask anyone who’s had even a small taste of success online and they’ll show you the years of work they put in to get where they’re at.

Which brings me to the strategy I use (and recommend you use) for starting to make money online and building an audience of your own.

When you land clients in your niche and work for them, you start making money immediately while networking with people who may expose you to their audience.

There’s just no smarter way (in my opinion) than this route – especially if you want to be a leader online.

But, time is of the essence for you to get started young padawan…

Because the free bonus I included, called “The Babe Ruth Strategy Kit” vanishes at midnight tonight.

It includes a video example sent to one big-name podcaster, curated resources to make your life easy, and email swipe (of the good, and bad) that you can copy word for word in your email outreach.

After that, emails asking for it will go the way of the trash compactor.

Use the force and get it here:

Jeremy Montoya

Me + Your Inbox = Pure passion.

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