For the optimistic-realists

When you start growing your business online, chances are you experienced a version of this:

You find a guru who’s making a ton of money and hang on to their every word.

Then you buy a product from them promising you the “business of your dreams” and piña coladas by the beach.

(by doing affiliate marketing, webinars, or courses).

Then – after spending a grand, or so – you’re left feeling empty (and result-less) because they made it look so easy for anyone to do.

Fast forward to now…

Maybe you’ve made some money online (emphasis on “maybe”), but you definitely don’t follow that “guru” anymore.

… and you probably lost all respect for them.

So you learned (like I did) that it wasn’t easy.

You realized that you have to put in the work.

And, you figured out that you can’t make money being someone else.

After all, you have your own set of unique gifts, talents, and experiences.

If starting a business was easy, everyone would do it.

For the optimistic-realists, there’s the Babe Ruth strategy (and the free kit of email swipe examples, a video “pitch” example for you to copy word for word, and a curated list of resources) for growing your online client-base.

But, the strategy kit goes away for good tomorrow (Friday, January 8th) when the clock strikes 12.

Get it here before it vanishes:

Jeremy Montoya

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