It’s the motion of the ocean

Quoted in the comments from last nights Periscope Popcorn:

“Be brilliant with the basics”

Ah yes, like music to my ear-hair.

When you stick to the basics, you win – with fitness, in life, and, yes, with email.

Here’s why (and the straight up answer to yesterday’s angering cliff-hanger):

When new-year-gym-noobs start working out they neglect to stretch properly, go way too intense during workouts, and then end up pulling a hammy.

And, when most people send emails they include too many links, don’t get straight to the point, and end up wondering why no one stays on their list.

(let alone buy their products)

So there we have it, basic wins 11 times outta 10.

Here’s what else you’re missing in last nights 12 minute broadcast:

  • Why new year gym noobs are prone to injury from doing too much at once (much like people who mail their list with tons of links and images)
  • What to do in every single email that you send (that entertains your audience an keeps their focus)
  • The thing that causes your list to stop clicking your links, reading your emails, and not buy your products
  • The psychological similarities between landing pages (that have won huge A/B split tests) and sending emails to your list
  • The 3 rules to follow when emailing your list to grow your personal brand, business, or start up (and the only thing you could ever do wrong with email)
  • Why it’s not the size of the list… it’s the motion of the ocean (thanks for this one Holly)
  • Should you embellish in your ads? (so that people notice them and take action)
  • The first thing you should say to a new email subscriber when they sign up

… and a more.

It expires around 7 PM PST tonight, so go get ’er:

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