Idiotic messages sent from my iPhone

As entrepreneurs, going out and getting clients can feel like a knife to the liver.

After all, doing client or agency-style work requires your time and attention, and isn’t as scaleable as other business models.

But it’s fast, easy(er) to get started, and can be leveraged to start building your email list so that you can scale.

Here’s the fastest route I know:

1) Make a list of big names or companies in your industry that you’d like to work with
2) Reach out to them professionally (very easy to mess up – trust me) and get them to say “yes”
3) Use them as a case-study to attract other similar clients

The above doesn’t get tough until you hit #2.

Even I (the utter perfection that you think I am) has looked like an idiot once or twice during this step.

(so bad that I when I caught the mistake, the email was still sending so I rushed to try and turn the power off my iPhone… and it still sent)

Case and point:


That’s one of the examples included inside the Babe Ruth Strategy Kit (free, for now) – which completely vanishes at the end of this week – along with the exact video I sent to get one of the biggest names in podcasting to let me use them as a case-study.

(which then landed me a whole bucket-full of similar clients who are still with me today)

Swing for the fences here:

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