Have I taught you nothing???

If you don’t want your business pulling in customers online then skip this email.

Back in the day, I started up a few podcasts (blogs, and YouTube channels) that lead no wheres.

Maybe some downloads.

Hardly any email subscribers.

And most definitely no money.

Look around online these days and it’s the same picture:

Character after character is creating content and praying someone hears it and says “here, have some of my money”.

(Have I taught you nothing???)

If you’re just getting started online, skip the hype of creating content and go straight to The Babe Ruth Strategy.

It helps you start making money online right now while setting you up for success with your email list.

In the bonus Strategy Kit (free until the end of this week, at which point it vanishes forever) you’ll get email examples (both good and bad) for how to reach your perfect client.

(and more)

What’s better:

This can be applied right now – even if you’re already growing your list.

(and probably works even better)

Get the strategy kit free before the end of the week (and forward this email to the friend that came to mind as you were reading this):


Jeremy Montoya

PS – For those who were pumped to hear about the live masterclass coming up this month, here are a *few * things you’ll get:

  • An exercise for finding your target market (and the psychological thing to do once you’ve defined it that your competition neglects)
  • Questions to avoid asking potential customers (a lesson I learned from my 4 year run with Apple)
  • How to build a responsive email list in the background (and avoid the ‘imposter syndrome’ all together)

It’s perfect if you’re starting from scratch and want to make money from day one, or if you’re focused on list-building but are unclear about exactly who’s tuning in and how you can help them.

Three of the 12 seats are already reserved for my one on one students (Melissa, Kerry, Maggie: hi!) and it’ll be first come first served when the doors swing open.

Patience my friends… more soon.

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