Online business thingy

There was some shock to yesterday’s email…

Because normally you’d be hearing advice about how to grow your email list and audience.

But if look closely at yesterday’s email, I basically tell you to do the exact opposite (under certain circumstances).

If you’re anything like me, then the sound of growing a business online and waking up to passive income excites you…

And is what probably got you started in this online business thingy.

But, if you’re short on cash, are starting from ground zero, and have already left your job (or are dying to get out of it), then you need a different route.

The route you need leads to money faster, doesn’t require much education, and also ends up helping you build your email list in the long run.

I detailed this awhile back and named the strategy “The Babe Ruth Technique”…

It shows you how to land ‘celebrity clients’.

That way you can start earning money AND quickly grow your reputation online as the go-to person for the service you’re offering.

Any who…

The strategy kit will be vanishing soon to get revamped and redone…

And when it’s back, it won’t be free.

(includes a video ‘pitch’ I sent to one of the biggest podcasters in the game, resources to help make getting clients easy, and email swipe of what to – and what not to do)

So if you haven’t downloaded it yet, go here while it’s still up:

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