cat-shape vs. cup-size

Elvis (my Yorkshire terrorist), wound up over the fence and in my neighbors yard this morning.

(dogs barking, us yelling – the whole nine)

If you’ve ever had a Yorkie or know one, then you’re familiar with how they dig and are able to fit in tight spaces.

But, since Elvis is more ‘cat-shape’ versus ‘cup-size’ – tight spaces like holes are a no-go.

Well, today (on his birthday, of all days) he managed to hop a fence as tall as I am.

Since his patience is too thin he can never dig a deep hole…

… and he’s not much of a jumper.

So he climbs, and he found his way up and over somehow.

I planned to send this to you as simple entertainment (although I didn’t find it funny in the moment), but a huge lesson in list-building and growing your brand online just struck me.

I’ll tell you more in just a second…

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After tonight at midnight PST I won’t be taking anymore appointments – and one on one coaching will go away for at least 6 months.

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Talk to you guys later today,

Jeremy Montoya

PS – What does my puppy’s journey over the fence have to do with list-building?

It’s simple:

He knows his strength.

Our other dogs like to dig, jump, wine for attention, etc.

Instead of him worrying about what he’s not good at (but sees everyone else doing) – he just continues to leverage his strengths.

That’s what building a successful brand these days is all about:

Finding and leveraging your natural talents and experiences.

This lesson alone will save you years of pain and heartache…

And it’s yours free of charge ;)

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