Zapped ’em like a mosquito

When you go camping it’s important that you only take what’s essential for survival:

Water. Food. Shelter.

Everything else is deadweight…

… holding you back from getting to your destination as fast as you can.

Earlier I popped open Google Analytics because I saw a spike in my traffic.

It ended up being nothing more than spam bots playing with my emotions.


Most people online would be jumping for joy and would screenshot to show their social media friends.


I zapped ’em like a mosquito.

I deleted the referral source so it doesn’t ever show up again.

And I recommend you do the same with your email list.

(same goes for prospects if you’re growing your client base and people who suck your time without paying)

Look at how many people aren’t responsive and delete them – they’re deadweight.

They’re just taking up energy and space in your life…

And having a “bigger number” for your list does nothing for your list if they aren’t opening, reading, or buying.

In fact, once you hit a certain number you’ll have to pay more just to have them on your list.

Unfortunately, most people won’t make it to their destination online.

They’ll sit around watching everyone else pack and prepare while they read guides about “5 Ways To Camp Effectively”.

They’’ll hear stories months (or years) later about what happens around the campfire and read “Monthly Camping Reports” from their favorite campers.

Real campers – unlike the ones just interested in the topic – know that taking action is a faster route.

And those looking for the most effective route know that having a tour guide (who knows the lay of the land, scenic routes, and places to avoid) is the surest route to safety and survival.

Anyway, the point:

Kick the deadweight and only take what you need on your journey in business.

Grab your seat at the campfire here:

Jeremy Montoya

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