Don’t say I never did anything nice

I once heard that if you want to grow your audience, just find where they’re already at and go there.

Ever since I’ve been trying different methods grow my customer base, email list, and bank account.

Over the last year (or so) I’ve gotten interviewed on top ranked podcasts, guest posted on some decently sized sites, and started doing workshops.

Of the three, podcast interviews have performed decently…

… guest posting did OK (probably a result of not being on the right sites)…

… but workshops blew everything else out of the water.

Why did workshops work so well?

My guess is because they were hosted in front of places that had high concentrations of my target audience.

If you don’t have a responsive email list yet, just make a list of the places your audience hangs out and go build relationships.

Get in front of those people and show them what you got.

So ya, there’s a free lesson you can apply in the new year to make tons of money.

(don’t say I never did anything nice)

Students in my coaching program will be getting email swipe and exact workflows for getting big names in their space to say yes to having them host a workshop for their audience.

And tons more to come.


The deadline to sign up to get personal coaching for growing your email list, client base, and business is quickly coming up.

(Thursday, December 31st at 11:59 PM PST)

After that, you just won’t be able to get personal help for quite some time.

Sign up for a free 10 minute call to see if you’re a fit while there’s still a little time:

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