Lars and in charge

Ever see the movie Heavy Weights?

It’s one of my all-time favorites.

If you haven’t – it’s about kids at fat camp who are sent (reluctantly) by their parents to get in shape over summer.

In the middle of the movie, the fat kids are swimming as one of their get-in-shape activities.

Lars (their foreign trainer – who’s never been fat a day in life but is somehow the best person to train) is keeping an eye one them and puts everyone on the “buddy system”.

When he yells “Buddy!”, each camper grabs their partner’s hand and yells “BUDDY!” right back.

And ya know, training with me isn’t much different…

Except instead of yelling at you from dry land, I’m in the water with you shouting back “BUDDY!”.

Because you know what you need to be doing to grow your email list and business…

But it just ain’t happening.

That’s where accountability comes in.

Most coaches and courses online these days feel like Lars is in charge.

They’re so far removed from where you’re at (or, quite frankly, have never been in your shoes) that their info is too general and leaves you searching for more.

That’s where accountability comes in when you sign up for coaching.

Each week you get an email from me with your action items and next steps.

(that’s on top of email access to me for help when you’re in a pinch)

So you can try that upcoming course or bootcamp…

… but the odds you’ll get different results are slim. (lol)

Step on the scale here:

Jeremy Montoya

PS – before you get all “up in arms” about my use of the word “fat”…

Just know I once was – therefore, I have the right. ;)

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