There’s always room in the kiddie-pool

Have you heard this before?…

You need a “huge” list of email subscribers before you monetize.

Total hogwash.

Here’s why:

Imagine Olympic swimmer (and 22 time medal winner) Michael Phelps being told he couldn’t practice swimming until he was 6’4, physically fit, and mentally ready.

Do you think he would’ve won a single medal if he waited?

Phelps has been swimming since he was 7, and has had the exact same routine when he steps up to the pool for the last 10+ years.

(per direction from his coach Bob Bowman)

When you practice like you a champ, you get rewarded like one.

What does this have to do with business?

Nothing if you’re like most want-repreneurs these days…

Who are taught (wrongly) to “play to not lose” in business instead of “playing to win”.

Which is the exact reason why students in my coaching program start building their list early in their journey (and start mailing their list offers from day one) – even if they’re selling client services.

So you can hop in the kiddie-pool…

(where there’s always room and tons of company)

Or you can practice like a champ and be rewarded for it.

(and be one-of-a-kind)

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