Leave the guessing to these gurus

If you have a tons of new subscribers your email list every day, or are already making lots of money online…

… then don’t read this.

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A few years back, Apple introduced a game-changing product.

(At least in my eyes)

You see, the iPod was a personal item — and people wanted to share their music at family get togethers, gyms, and parties.

At the time, Apple retail stores were soaring with sales for iPod boom boxes, so they went to work on one of their own.

They spent months perfecting all aspects of the speaker from sound to looks…

Everything down to the packaging and included manuals was beautiful.

There’s even stories about Steve taking prototypes home and covering it with a black cloth in the living room (with a note for the family to not touch it).

The high-end speaker dock, dubbed the “iPod Hi-Fi”, would not make it past 2 years on the market.

Websites, email list opt-in offers, and products online these days are no different.

You finally think you’ve found what will get tons of opt-ins to your list (because you see it working on another site you follow)…

… spend a week making it look perfect to match your website…

… and then slam your hand on the table when it doesn’t work for you.

Chances are high you’re missing what Apple was with the iPod Hi-Fi:

(and it’s not a persuasion technique, ‘ninja’ social media move, or tool you can buy)

A little something called “the market”.

Business always comes back to the people with the wallets who want to open them for your solution.

Get this right, and you can laugh in the face of people still falling for ‘ninja’ tactics..

Most gurus online miss the mark by teaching you how to guess who your market is.

There’s no guessing involved when you’re a coaching student under my wing.

We’ll use proven (old-school) ways of finding your market, knowing what they want, and then position you to stand out from the crowd.

Leave the guessing to the gurus and be ready to get to work.

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