Hidden list-building lessons from Buddy The Elf

Buddy The Elf and I go way back.

… but I think we’re exact opposites.

(he’s tall and comfortable in tights. ’Nuff said)

The movie Elf is more full of list-building and business lessons than my stocking is of coal this time of year.

Their pledge says it all:

1) Treat Everyday Like Christmas

When you’re a kid, Christmas is the most exciting day of the year… And when you’re running your own business, doing what you’re passionate about and helping others in your market everyday, it’s the same thing.

The problem is you may not be there, yet.

But when you know what to be working on daily to make massive leaps (and doing what I call “assuming success”), it’ll be like Christmas in your online business every day of the year.

2) There’s Room For Everyone On The Nice List

As you start to look around at the bigger names in your industry, you realize they’re all friends and helping each other out. It can feel like you’ll never be a part of those circles.

Not true. Anyone making you feel that way is a cotton-headed ninny-muggins.


Surround yourself with other self-starters and you’ll create your own “power circle”. There’s a spot for everyone at the table (and more than enough to feast on) – you just need to make your own chair.

3) The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer Is Singing Loud For All To Hear

Just like Christmas Cheer, your energy is contagious. And when you know what you have to offer is exactly what people need, you’re doing a disservice to your market (and list) by not “singing loud for all to hear”.

The Elves have it right.

… follow their lead and you’ll have more email subscribers (and money) falling from the sky than snow this time of year.

That’s it for today.

Enjoy the holiday and be safe,

Jeremy Montoya

PS – If you’d like Buddy to help you out in your business (minus the tights), check out:


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