Avoid this like Wally-World on Xmas eve

In response to yesterday’s email (from current student Melissa):

I was just wondering whether this experience made you see that you should go into business yourself or to see if there are those you can trust?

My personal trainer, who is a client, has to wait till the new year to move on her business because of a divorce and dissolving of business between a couple.

Whether it is a romantic relationship or just a business one, how did this experience change your view?

Feel free to tell me this is none of my business.

Risks are part of life, but has this given you any signs earlier down the road?

Have a great holiday, if you celebrate it.

I am currently coming out with my first opt-in (#earlyFridayAccountablility) : )

Going into business yourself is (one of) the greatest things you can gift yourself.

(unless you’re married – which is a business if you want to get down to brass tacks – I’d avoid going into business with a romantic partner like going to Wal-Mart on the eve of xmas – or ever, for that matter)

If you’re inexperienced in business, starting with partner is a no-no in my book.

It’s the difference between salsa dancing and going to the gym…

When you’re salsa dancing:

  • You need a partner who also knows what they’re doing (or is willing to learn, even in spare time)
  • You both need to be semi-coordinated (so that you can stay on beat and avoid stepping on each other’s shoes)
  • Have to be willing to accept failure (even when it’s not your fault)

When you go to the gym:

  • You can do some stuff together (like stretch, warm up, alternate sets)
  • You have a spotter (who can help you along the way, give you feedback, and let you know what you’re doing right or wrong)
  • You’re free to move on, add weight, take a break, and go at your own pace (and you’re only limitation is your mental and physical abilities)
  • Your success is solely dependent on you and your level of commitment

Money is attracted to speed.

The more you wait, the less you get.

(in my experience)

There’s only one better gift than going into business for yourself:

Making an investment in yourself to get faster (and bigger) results.

In salsa dancing, that’s finding a teacher

For health and fitness, that’s a personal trainer.

In business, that means finding someone who has success in the field you want to go into…

And doing exactly what they tell you to.

There’s still time (but not for long) to get personal training for your business…

But you have to act fast, ’cuz Santa’s sled is preparing for take-off.

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