Facebook gurus give us something to ‘chew on’

I keep seeing this again and again from newbies and veterans alike…

They want a “cookie cutter” system you can plug in to have a business up and running in no time.

I was in the that position once (thinking Facebook ads were the answer to all my problems), and I was taken for a fool.

Here’s what happened:

I started a business (that was more like a ‘podcast’ than it was a ‘business’) with my former girlfriend.

We had no clue what we were doing.

We saw our favorite gurus killing it with Facebook ads to webinars that lead to a selling a course.

We felt like we found ‘the answer’.

One night (while my girlfriend was at work), I tuned into a webinar I came across through a Facebook ad, and had zero intention to buy – just to watch and learn so we could apply the tactics.

Close to an hour later I had just spent $1000 dollars (of money I didn’t have) because I felt like I found the answers to all of our problems.

(and probably because I wanted to feel like “the man”)

5 weeks into a 30-day challenge (and beyond the 30-day money back guarantee), I knew I’d been duped.

Every up-sell imaginable was thrown at us to get persuade us into his “VIP” level coaching.

The content was empty, full of fluff, and hastily put together.

However, I’m grateful for wasting that money because I would’ve never discovered…

  • How not to sell online (this lesson alone has saved me tens of thousands of dollars)
  • That there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” system when you’re just getting started online
  • That you didn’t need to become Facebook ads experts to build a successful business
  • Girlfriends and business goes together like politics and religion

And I found this:

Building an online business is similar to digestion…

It’s not about how many times you chew.

It’s about the seed, how the crop was grown, the cooking process, and so on.

It starts at the source.

In business, you’re the source.

Get that right… and everything else falls into place.

More for you to ‘chew on’ here:


Stay hungry,


Jeremy Montoya

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