Dictionary O’ Donald

No lie, just came across this trending word on Twitter…

As you know, the presidential debate is heating up.

I could careless (I don’t vote), but this election’s joke of candidates is a true display of ’Merica at it’s best.

“Yiddish” was going viral, here’s why:

Donald Trump recently stated…

(and I quote)

“Hillary Clinton got ”schlonged“ in her 2008 presidential campaign against Barack Obama.”

Now, at first glance, you’d assume this would ruin the guy at the polls.

But look a little deeper and you see that he’s hitting it on the head (so to say)…

You have to consider who he wants to attract:

Modern-day (mostly middle-class) Americans who have a toleration for his obscenities…

Because think about it:

do you believe he’ll be more tame in office?

No, not a chance.

But he knows (and is building) his ideal audience.

He doesn’t want the vote of people who don’t jive with him – but he’ll certainly take their attention.

(and use it to his advantage)

He isn’t afraid to offend anyone, because those aren’t his people.

And when his people do hear him say crazy things, it just gets them more excited.

He can’t lose.

When you’re writing your emails, drumming up a product, or creating new content, take a page from the dictionary o’ Donald.

Ask yourself: what is my audience saying?

You don’t have to offend anyone…

But when you know how your market talks (and the convo going on in their minds) you’ll always win.

They won’t be able to stop reading your sales pages and will be eager to buy your products.

Copywriting – as it’s known – is the name of the game online, in business, and yes, in the presidential election.

But when you don’t know what you’re doing, it gets messy…

And you might be speaking ‘yiddish’ to your audience.

If you’re working hard and don’t have a clear strategy for making money, then odds are high this is one of the missing pieces.

(amongst others)

You need to get this step right, otherwise you’ll waste your time making great products that no one buys.

There’s nothing worse.

You can use our coaching calls together to find out exactly what to do next…

But the deadline to sign up is around the corner (December 31st).

After that, you can’t get personalized help building your business online or creating a plan to make money.

Get started before time’s up:


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