When it hits you right in the “Steve Harvey”

Steve Harvey made an ass out of himself last night by announcing the wrong winner of the Miss Universe pageant.

(imagine, haha)

And the funny thing is this…

He reminds me of a lot of folks online these days…

They hop into making an online business thinking it’s easy (because some dream-selling guru told them so).

And then they end up having a helluva time (because it’s hard) and then are forced to change directions.

(typically going against everything they’ve said)

But that’s life…

Sometimes you make the right call, and sometimes you don’t.

It’s kinda like what my buddy said the other day after listening to one of the most recent episodes of my podcast.

His comment?…

“you hit it on the head, Jeremy.”

Here’s what he was referring to in that episode:

Whenever you see a new podcaster, blogger, or YouTube-er pop up, it’s always the same thing…

Endless mounds of content, no strategy to make money, and an endless cycle of “should I keep this going?” because you have bills to pay.

I’ve been there.

He’s been there.

You’ve been there.

(or are still there already)

This all stems from one thing:

Not knowing where to focus.

Too many people want to focus on open rates of their email, social media, or podcast downloads and YouTube views.

The only thing at the end of the day that matters is this:


But you probably knew that.

So the game then becomes, “how can I set myself up for sales?”

Here’s a good starting point:


Jeremy Montoya

PS – You might be a fit for help from me if that episode hits you right in the “Steve Harvey”.


I don’t sugarcoat things, only a few people get to work with me at a time, and at the end of this month I’m not taking anyone else on.

My advice isn’t one of those shiny objects like others sell online, and it’s with one thing in mind:

Building you a strategic business online using email.

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