Not for the average monkey

This came up last night…

4 of us were standing around a heater talking “life” while overlooking the valley from the backyard at a holiday party.

(open bar, red carpet, valet, dance floor over the pool – you get the picture)

My new friend Billy (who invited us) has been traveling the world for the last few years testing the “four hour workweek” lifestyle.

He’s had a lot of time to reflect and see things from a new perspective.

He’s noticed that all of his older brother’s friends grew up and then became successful (in their own right) all together.

For him, however, it’s different:

None of his friends are driven for anything beyond “society norms”.

So it gets lonely at times…

You feel awake at a time where everyone else is zombie-stricken and busy following the crowds.

This is the same for many of creating our businesses online.

Keeping it from impacting you comes down to this:

As humans we learn by seeing and emulating.

Monkey see, monkey do – if you will.

That’s why you need to create a list of mentors (3–5, no more) and follow them religiously.

  • Listen to their podcasts or audiobooks
  • Always keep a book on you from one of them (and be reading it)
  • Subscribe to their lists and implement their teachings

For faster results, you can do what I and others looking for BIG results do:

Pay for their time and attention.

You can get “general” advice that’s helpful (but leaves you monkeying-around with your time while sitting in on some more webinars this week).

Or you can get advice catered exactly for where you and your business are at to get it to the next level.

It just all depends on how serious you are.

If you want results in the next few years…

Keep listening to free podcasts and going from webinar to webinar.

(while not adding subscribers to your email list or making enough money to cover your domain and hosting)

If you want results in 6 months or less…

Find someone who knows where to help you focus all of your energy and attention (to get bigger results than you’ve ever experienced).

When you get help from me, it’s just like these emails:

Honest, to the point, and laser-lined on the critical few things that *actually * grow businesses online.

(not social media, webinars, or running ads – at least not at first)

It’s certainly not for the average monkey, and it’s certainly not cheap.

See if your a fit here:

Jeremy Montoya

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