Makes you *like Mike* (to your audience)

Ever looked into Michael Jordan’s story?

It isn’t all glamour and glitz in the early day for “His Airness”.

He was told he was “too short” in high-school to play varsity basketball.

Fast-forward to his Hall Of Fame speech back in 2009…

and you’ll hear thanks given to the last guy who made the varsity team that year – Leroy Smith…

… leaving MJ to play junior varsity.

It’s the classic american story.

And, it’s the same for people who find success in business.

There’s the person who bounces back no matter the situation, and uses “negative” situations in life as motivation to keep pushing.

Those are the MJ’s.

They end up winning championships 6 times.

They end up making 14 All-Star Game appearances.

They end up battling aliens in Space Jam.

And then… there are the “Smiths”.

The folks who sit in the crowd listening to the “thank you” speeches given at the podium years later…

… serving for motivation for the great ones who “made it”.

There are differences between the two, but one stands above the rest (in my humble opinion):


The problem is that consistency isn’t possible without adversity.

And anyone looking to be a success in business will face challenges and obstacles.

You can use those situations as part of your purpose…

Or you can let them cause you to quit trying.

There’s still time to get help to become “like Mike” in your business and to your audience.

But I’m taking a break from providing one on one help in 2016.

If you’re accepted to get personal help from me (it’s expensive… and not everyone is a fit – especially if you haven’t accepted that your email list is the key to success online)…

… their won’t be the time of day to focus on the “Smiths”.

Only relentless training towards showing up daily to serve your target market and their problems.

I saw this quote on Twitter yesterday that rings true (in my book):

Wanna-be’s put off practicing basketball until they’ve got Air Jordans. Entrepreneurs practice barefoot behind the garage.” – Perry Marshall

Stop waiting for your Air Jordans and let’s get to it.

Find the kind of help you can get by scheduling a time here:

Stay hungry,

Jeremy Montoya

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