The last thing you want to be to your market

A heated conversation broke out last night…

I was detailing how I recommend structuring your business (clients, email, sales, everything) to my buddy when he popped his inbox open.

He signed up for 2 webinars that day (to see how they would be marketed to, smart.)

… and 15 emails later, he was annoyed.

15 emails in 24 hours, mind you, between 2 internet marketers.

In his words, he felt they were “nagging” him and kept “tapping him on the shoulder”.

Take a look at your inbox right now…

It’s the same story over and over.

Back to back (to back) emails about the live webinar you missed and to “act fast” to get the replay.

The last thing you ever want to be to your readers is “nagging”.

So take a page out of my book and do what I’ll be doing more of in the new year:

Put up barriers.

Don’t let just anyone into your castle.

Keep out people looking for endless mounds of free schtuff.

Make it harder to sign up for your list.

Create “levels” of your products and courses that must be completed before they’re even sold on the next.

Speaking of “levels” and product creation…

The reason I was up late was to put the finishing touches on the first version of a book I’ve been working on.

It’s called “The Action Report”.

And it’s created it to help understand why your customers take action (and how to get them to take more of it so you profit while they grow).

It’ll be for sale soon, but the first iteration will only be available to viewers of a live interview in a few hours.

The interview will be centered around how to use Periscope to grow your email list…

And I’m sure you’ll hear more about my latest tirade of only allowing quality clients and subscribers into your world.

Go here to sign up now:

Stay hungry,

Jeremy Montoya

Me + Your Inbox = Pure passion.

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