Fast-food content marketers

McDonald’s entire business plan can be boiled down to these four words:

“Want fries with that?”

They bank on you getting fries and a drink – which costs them pennies on the dollar – after coming in for an ol’ cheeseburger.

(while selling you “fake” food meant to tingle your senses and keep you coming back for more while eating yourself into a heart attack)

These modern day “fast-food” content marketers and gurus are all in the same boat:

They bring you in with empty content and big promises to end up selling you more and more.

Their programs are designed to instill the ‘fear of missing out’ in you by creating courses and groups “guaranteed to build your following fast”…

… and then hook you into tasteless one-size-fits-all programs that leave you with little results to show.

(besides greasy fingers and a content-coma)


promise me you’ll stop falling into these traps.

Please, promise me you’ll limit the amount of this free and empty content you consume in the next year.

(and distance yourself from those who offer it)

And please…

(for the love of god)

Stop falling victim to needing to be on every social network…

… purchasing every group program…

….and using tactics over strategies to grow your email list and business online.

Find a coach (it doesn’t have to be me) and get the personal attention you and your business deserve.

My coaching style isn’t for everyone…

It’s expensive and goes against everyone of your favorite drive-thru buddies will tell you.

If you’re “fed up” with the fast-food model of online business…

Then click the link below and we’ll find out if I can help you break your trained-ways:

Jeremy Montoya

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