How to psychologically avoid sounding sleazy

“You are always safe in the customer’s mind.”

I’m not sure who said this – but it’s completely true.

Some back story:

It can be easier (at times) to pitch local businesses on your products than to start marketing online.

I call it “running for mayor”.

Lots of hand shaking. Lots of relationship building.

One of my coaching students is using this approach to pitch local businesses on her video editing services.

She has an idea of what they’d like but hasn’t got a buyer yet.

In this stage, it’s important to do one thing (and one thing only):


Simply shut up and listen.

(sound dating/relationships advice if you ask me)

You see, people always love talking about their problems…

And if they’re not talking yet, a few simple questions will get them to tell-all.

So you might ask them:

“What’s your goal?”

Or – “if you could change one thing about your business/life/health, what would it be?”

Then have your coffee ready… sit back… and just listen.

You’re always safe in their world.

If I’m being honest, I struggled with this step – and see of lot would-be entrepreneurs doing the same.

They worry about what they have to offer, instead of focusing on their target market’s problems.

It’s no different wether you’re offering done-for-you-services or information products online:

Keep the conversation centered around their problems, NOT how you solve them…

And when you start describing their problem better than they can, they’ll turn to you for the answer.

That’s how you psychologically sell without sound sleazy – and how you have customers coming back again and again for your help.

If fast-paced results and a no-fluff approach is your thing – and you’re tired of being sold bright-shiny objects by “gurus” online (that shove you in a Facebook group and provide limited personal attention) then you may be a fit for my coaching.

And as a warning:

It’s pricey and not for everyone.

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Jeremy Montoya

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