Looking like a *tool* in the inbox

This happened last night:

My friend Jose came over and is starting to build his email list.

(how could he not, being around me and all, hehe)

Somewhere between the small talk, we identified that he’s a “high information buyer”.

… meaning he has to know everything before making a decision.

So far, I’ve advised against him picking an email provider because it wasn’t the right time.

Reason why:

He wasn’t actively building.

He doesn’t have the systems in place to email regularly (see: often).

So it just didn’t make sense.

Now that he is starting to grow his list – it’s time to choose.

I couldn’t care less about which he ends up going with, honestly.

Alls that matters is making the decision.

He sees me using Aweber everyday (and is on this list… So… Hi, Jose), and also hears me talking about other services…

But wants to make the right choice.

Now, just like you wouldn’t want to use a screwdriver as a hammer – you want to use the best email service for where you’re at.

Aweber is free for 30 days, and then just $19 a month after.

The other guys are either free (but charge you for basic features you need when emailing a list)…

Or are great options once you have a big list or are automating product sales.

For everyone else – Aweber is a no brainer.

If you haven’t started your list yet, or are considering Aweber, then now is the perfect time.

Here’s why:

A lot of people wonder how I make my emails easy on the eyes, work on smartphones, and keep from stretching when you open your email program.

I use something I call my “secret sauce” before I send every email.


I’m giving it away for free for anyone who gives Aweber a go.

Just sign up with my affiliate link below and forward me your confirmation to this email.


Once I get your email, I’ll send you over my secret sauce (free of charge) to keep you from looking like a tool (ha) in the inbox.

You’ll want to hurry though, because this ends tonight (Friday, December 11th) at Midnight PST.

Stay hungry,

Jeremy Montoya

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