Email is like a box of…


I’ll tell you why in a second.

If you’ve ever tuned into my daily Periscope show, then you’ve probably seen it in the comments…

We’re diving deep into how to use email to dramatically increase sales of your products and services and someone pops the question:

“What’s the best email service to use?”

I can’t blame them, and I’m happy to answer…

But it tells me how serious they are about building their business, and how badly they want it.

The truth about choosing an email service provider is this…

It doesn’t matter.

Just choose and begin building so you can start mailing.

When I got started, I chose Aweber and ran with it like Forrest Gump…

Breaking through the braces, full-out sprint, like Jenny was waiting for me at end of the dirt road.

There are other options out there, but Aweber is easy to understand and allows you send basic text emails quickly (once you know the special paste-in-code).

If you’re stuck between which service to go with for your email list, then just make the call.

Because the faster you implement email in to your business and start collecting leads, the closer you are to making money.

Life might be like a “box of chocolates”, but your business doesn’t have to be – IF you have an email list.

Having a list allows you to create repeatable, predictable, reliable income – if done properly.

Get Aweber through my affiliate link below before Friday, December 11th at Midnight, forward me your receipt, and I’ll send you my personal paste-in-code that makes your emails as easy to read as mine:

Stay hungry,

Jeremy Montoya

Me + Your Inbox = Pure passion.

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