Round 1: Fancy Newsletter vs. Plain-Jane (how to write email that gets read)

There’s a lot of confusion around how to write email that actually get read by your list.

Like frequency, avoiding spam, or what provider to use (more on this tomorrow).

But I got asked a valid question while presenting to some realtors last week:

“Do you recommend using newsletter-style email templates to send to your list?”

Here’s what I said…

The only thing that matters is that you DO email them.

So if you choose the fancy templates, so be it.

Personally, I like to send plain-jane looking emails over that feel more like a ‘personal’ message…

Partially because I start by writing them to one person and then format for my readers…

But also because the fancier template-style emails activates “the guard” in your reader’s mind – it feels like a sale is about to happen.

And that puts you in a losing situation from the get-go.

For that reason (and a few others), I use Aweber for my list.

It’s simple, not diluted with tons of little fuzzy features, and because they care about my email making it to your inbox.

Now when most people email from Aweber (and others), they don’t know how to write email that are actually “readable”.

So their list gets the message, but it’s hard to read on their phones (where most are reading from these days), are in a tiny font, and go past the margin without adjusting.

Unfortunately, the attention span these days is smaller than a peanut – so you have to do EVERYTHING to make your emails readable.

That’s why I use a little basic HTML code with every email that does all of that for me.

Want my special paste-in code for your emails?

Sign up for a free Aweber trial using my affiliate link below and just forward your receipt my way.

I’ll respond with the code you can use to make your emails readable and easy on the eyes.

Stay hungry,

Jeremy Montoya

PS – I’ll be including my special Aweber code in an upcoming project, so this offer only lasts until this Friday, December 11th at Midnight.

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