Getting your readers to “swipe right”

Could society be any more superficial?

I mean, with apps like Tinder, you can decide if you want to get to a know a person better based solely on their looks…

Like what you see: swipe right.

Don’t like?

Swipe left and send’em to Tinder-hell.


But, the reality is that people treat email the same way.

They see an email in their inbox, and in an instance they decide whether to read it…

Or… to throw you the way of Hawaii’s favorite treat.

The funny thing is that it’s not the headline of your email that’s the deciding factor…

… nor is it the content.

The ultimate deciding factor that gets overlooked by even “seasoned” vets online.

(and abused by just about everyone else)

What’s the big deciding factor that gets your readers to “swipe right”?

Well, if you want to find out, you’re going to have to listen to an interview I was featured on this week with Jessica Rhodes.

(she’s a big name in the podcasting space who is basically the connecting link between everyone. Talk about power)

Find it, subscribe to it, and listen to it below:

Stay hungry,

Jeremy Montoya

PS – mad I didn’t reveal the big secret?


Truth is that there just isn’t enough room here for me to type out the entire psychology that goes into it.

But, here’s a hint:

It boils down to your audience respecting and trusting you.

(wether or not they “like” you is irrelevant. I know tons of peeps I “like” but would never buy from)

More here:

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