Smart Passive Time-Wasters

Have you heard this before:

“Be everywhere”.

I heard Pat Flynn mention this awhile back.

And, well, for most people…

I think it’s crap.

Here’s what I mean…

Unless you’re raking in the Benjamin’s (which I know a few of you are – more power to ya) then “shotgunning” your time all over the place will yield very little results.

It’s the same of walking into a big room of people and shouting “Hey! Look at me!”.

When, instead, you should be having one on one conversations, creating deep relationships with as much time as you can invest with the right people.

Pat has A TON of helpful advice (I really like the guy), but listening to every word me or your favorite guru comes out with is dangerous.

But there’s a time and place for both strategies.

Here’s what to do (especially if you don’t have tons of time to waste):

  1. Brainstorm the podcasts, blogs, and places (on social and in “real life”) that your ideal customer is hanging out at
  2. Send an email giving a compliment to the leader or owner of the community (be genuine)
  3. Add to the conversation taking place
  4. See if you’re a fit to post helpful content, to be interviewed, or to do a guest post (etc.)

Do 1–3 above correctly (and in good fashion) and you’ll have people lining up to interview you or asking for your help.

… and…

Don’t “be everywhere”…

It’s a waste of time.

Be where your audience is…

… and money will be where your wallet is.

That’s how I’ve been featured in so many shows lately (EOFire’s “Kate’s Take, GSD Mode, Lifestyle Marketing Show, etc.) that have the EXACT kind of people I’m looking to help.

In fact, another went live today.

Check it out here:

Stay hungry,

Jeremy Montoya

PS – Jessica (the host of the show above) and I had a blast towards the end doing a “hot or not” with headlines.

Listen and apply – if you’re so inclined.

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