The key to building an email list is simple…


Some back story:

When I had less than 100 email subscribers I felt like it was an uphill battle to build my email list.

But then I realized that my target audience is already out there – they just don’t know about me.


So I started interviewing people with my podcast, networking on Periscope, and getting interviewed on big shows in my space.

After doing this for awhile (and seeing my list grow faster than it ever had), I started making more time for networking and teaming up with others in small JV’s.

So whether you consider yourself a blogger, Youtuber, or anything else…

The key to building an email list is simple…

Find others in your space that have your target market and team up with them.

Interview them for your show…

… invite them to talk with your peeps…

… or, do a pitch-free webinar.

(hell, what am I saying – pitch’em!)


networking and collaborating to build your email list is only one part of a bigger process.

I reveal the other key pieces on a show I’ve been diggin’ recently called ‘Biz Underdog To Top Dog’.

Go here and give it a listen:

Stay hungry,

Jeremy Montoya

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