Goes together like peas & guac

This happened while driving home the other day:

My buddy Jose asked a question about target marketing, so I’m telling him exactly what he needs to do to bring in ideal customers.

Mid-sentence I lose my train of thought.

I’ll tell you why in just a second.

The chat my pal Jose and I were having started because he was about to go live on Periscope, and was crafting his title.

(one of the most important aspects on “the scope”)

He had a clever name ready to go and asked for my input.

My answer:

Who are you targeting?

And that’s the issue with most copy online these days.

Businesses and brands start with the crafty headline or sales pitch without even considering who they want to read or buy it.

So rather than sit there and throw out ideas, we went to the whiteboard and created the person he wanted to work with.

Will it work?

Only time will tell – but you have to start with your audience in mind.


Why did I lose my train of thought?

Because while I was sharing what to do to attract the perfect customers to Jose’s biz, we drove under a sign that read:


I almost dismissed it.

But I could’ve of swore I read “guac” and had to take another look.

They were speaking my language.

(as the Chipotle aficionado I am)

And that’s what this online stuff is all about.

Knowing your audience, and speaking in their words.

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See ya on “the scope”,

Jeremy Montoya

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